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This HTML page contains the basic install docs that can be found on http://purl.net/wiki/moin/MoinMoin/InstallDocs. It contains all necessary information to get your wiki up and running, even without being online. If you have a permanent internet connection, you might want to browse the docs on the HelpOnInstalling page, which might contain more up-to-date information.

After following the procedures on this page, you should have a working wiki and can browse the rest of the online docs there.

How to install your own MoinMoin Wiki

This page describes the installation procedure applying to [MoinMoin]MoinMoin version 0.11 and up. In the next section, there is a list of real-world Installation Scenarios that help you to understand how to apply the instructions in different environments.

Basic Installation explains the "setup.py" step of the installation in more detail. This applies equally to all scenarios, and you should read it before trying a live installation.

Trouble-shooting helps with fixing any general problems you might encounter, which apply to any installation platform.

After a successful installation, you might want to read more about configuration and other options that you, as the wiki administrator, can set up. [MoinMoin]HelpOnAdministration contains links to pages that cover these topics. Especially, the [MoinMoin]HelpOnConfiguration and [MoinMoin]HelpOnUpdating pages provide additional information regarding wiki setup and maintenance. [MoinMoin]MoinMoinWinCvs and [MoinMoin]MoinMoinUnixCvs describe how to run your wiki using the current development version from the [MoinMoin]SourceForge CVS repository.

Sample Installation Scenarios

The following links lead you to concrete examples of installation sessions, showing the commands used and explaining what they do. It is highly recommended that you first read the general information on installing (especially the next section of this page) before choosing an installation scenario that best fits your intended use of [MoinMoin]MoinMoin.




?Edit?UNIX Installation

?Edit?Windows Installation using Apache

?Edit?Windows Installation using IIS