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You can easily create slide shows using the [[Navigation]] macro.

For a new presentation, start on a new page - we use HelpOnSlideShows (this page) as an example.

For your convenience, there is a ?SlideShowTemplate - use it!

Put [[Navigation(slideshow)]] on top of that page (looks like you see above) - that creates a link to toggle between slide show and wiki mode, and a link to start the slide show.

Refer to your slides with numbered sub-page links putting some code like that on your top page:

 * ["/000 Introduction"]
 * ["/100 Creating the slides"]
 * ...
 * ["/900 Last but not least: Running your presentation."]
 * ../SlideShowHandOutTemplate

(!) Leave some numbers free in between - just for that case you need to insert additional slides later.

(!) Don't use too long page titles - you will see that they look bad (at least in wiki mode due to wrapping of the wiki page title).

This will look like that:

You may want to put [[Navigation(children)]] at bottom of the page - that lists the pages' child pages and looks like you see below: