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1. Changing CSS styles

The best way to change the visual appearance of your wiki site is by inherting the default MoinMoin styles and only changing those things you want to adapt to your likings. This avoids the work involved in copying new styles added during development to your own stylesheets. To do this, we use the CSS @import mechanism like this:

/*  #python wiki styles */
@import url("/users/jh/wiki/css/moinmoin.css");

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 {
    background-color: #88CCFF; /* #EECC99; */
a:link {
    color: #0096CC;
a:visited {
    color: #0063a5;

In the second line, we import the default styles as distributed with MoinMoin. You have to change the URL to fit your system setup, likely to "/wiki/css/moinmoin.css".

In the following lines, we change the background color of headlines and the colors of hyperlinks. And that's it.

For more, see HelpOnConfiguration/CascadingStyleSheets and the [WWW]css-discuss wiki.

For a very clever idea to make CSS wiki editable, see [ESW]plain.css.

2. Changing the page layout

While MoinMoin currently has no full support for HTML templates, and switching between several layouts, you can change the most important parts of the generated HTML code, and add your own HTML fragments.

"title1" and "title2" are inserted into the output right before and after the system's title html code (title1 is right after the <body> tag and normally undefined, title2 defaults to the "<hr>" above the page contents). "navi_bar" is a list of page names1 that are added to the title area as quick links into the wiki; if it is None, no navigation bar is added.

Similarly, the footer area can be changed by setting "page_footer1" and "page_footer2".

"html_head" is added into the <head> element for all pages, while "html_head_queries" is sent only for edit and action pages (html_head is sent for those, too).

New in 1.1: title1, title2, page_footer1 and page_footer2 can now be callables and will be called with the "request" object as a single argument (note that you should accept any keyword arguments in order to be compatible to future changes).