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1. Lists and Indenting

You can create bulleted and numbered lists in a quite natural way. All you do is inserting the line containing the list item. To get bulleted items, start the item with an asterisk "*"; to get numbered items, start it with a number template "1.", "a.", "A.", "i." or "I.". Anything else will just indent the line. To start a numbered list with a certain initial value, append "#value" to the number template.

To nest lists of different levels, you use different depths of indenting. All items on the same indent level belong to the same (sub-)list. That also means that you cannot change the style of a list after you started it.

Definition lists can be created by items of the form <whitespace>term:: definition; note that the term cannot currently contain any wiki markup.

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing.

1.1. Example

If you indent text
  like this, then it is indented in the output
    you can have multiple levels of indent

And if you put asterisks at the start of the line
  * you get a 
  * bulleted
  * list
    * which can also be indented
      * to several levels

A numbered list, mixed with bullets:
  1. one
  1. two
    1. one
      * bullet 1
      * bullet 2
    1. two
  1. three
    * bullet
      1. one

Variations of numbered lists:
  * Lowercase roman
    i. one
    i. two
  * Uppercase roman (with start offset 42)
    I.#42 forty-two
    I. forty-three
  * Lowercase alpha
    a. one
    a. two
  * Uppercase alpha
    A. one
    A. two

 term:: definition
 another term:: and its definition

1.2. Display

If you indent text

And if you put asterisks at the start of the line

A numbered list, mixed with bullets:

  1. one

  2. two

    1. one

      • bullet 1

      • bullet 2

    2. two

  3. three

Variations of numbered lists:



another term

and its definition