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1. Altre informazioni utili su MoinMoin

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  1. Altre informazioni utili su MoinMoin
    1. Special features for wiki farms and intranets
      1. Centralized settings
      2. Remapping URLs
    2. TODO

1.1. Special features for wiki farms and intranets

The following shows how certain features can help you to optimize your configuration when you run several wikis on one host, or when you use MoinMoin in intranet environments.

1.1.1. Centralized settings
1.1.2. Remapping URLs
The configuration variable "url_mappings" can be used ... lookup table to remap URL prefixes (dict of 'prefix': 'replacement'); especially useful in intranets, when whole trees of externally hosted documents move around

1.2. TODO

<!> TODO: explain the following things in detail

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Admin stuff:

Command-line tools: