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Someplace to practice editing text to see how WikiEdit patterns work. Open another window with WikiEdit if you want a "sidebar" syntax reference.
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for uploading files place the word Upload in square brackets leaded by a question mark ?. [?Upload]

After successful uploading a corresponding link is automagically inserted instead of the upload. Images are also automatically referred to with an IMG tag.

NB: Please do not use the above upload, so that other users can still see how it works.

link link3 is [http://www.apartmenthotel-hameln.de hameln] or RCS working? [http://www.apartmenthotel-hameln.de cebit hotel] [RCSinfo] [aRCSb] should work

A test for a PageRenamed. And ThePageUnnamed

[The Page Unnamed] another sandbox test

    * item 1
Please feel free to experiment here, after the four dashes below... and please do NOT create new pages without any meaningful content just to try it out.

Tip: Shift-click "HelpOnEditing" to open a second window with the help pages.

1. Formatting

italic bold typewriter

backtick typewriter (configurable)


2. Linking

HelpOnEditing [MoinMoin]InterWiki

http://purl.net/wiki/moin/ [WWW]Python


2.1. Image Link


3. Lists

3.1. Bullet

3.2. Glossary



3.3. Drawing

Create new drawing "mytest.png"